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Landing Bee – Summer 2011

It took me ages to capture this one. Unfortunately bees do not fly in a predictable flight path and are constantly “buzzing” in and out behind the flower heads.

So again I just had to wait for one to pass in front of the camera viewfinder to capture it.

Landing Bee

One of my few attempts at “macro” …. exposure settings –  iso400, t1600, f4.o (subject distance 0.4m, lens focal length 105mm)

Rusty Old Bicycle

While travelling through Glen Etive, in the Scottish Highlands, during a field photography trip, in autumn 2010, we came across this old rusty bicycle, leaning against an old locked shed. (probably set up for us “budding photographers”)

Apart from the quaint appearance of the rusty old fashioned bicycle, the “bleached” wood on the shed had the appearance of having been neglected for many years. It did however have some very interesting textures that I have tried to bring this out in this image.

I hope you like it.

Locked Out

Swans’ Mating Ritual

The image shows a cob and pen “walking/treading water” after mating.

Swans' Mating Ritual

Adult Swan

This image was taken at the pond, in my local park yesterday,  where a family of swans have made their home.

A beautiful majestic creature, don’t you think?

"I ate a fish this big"

Male Pheasant

I chased this pheasant around for some time, in Glen Nevis, at Fort William back in November 2011. It obviously didn’t want to be photographed.

I hid behind a tree and waited. I finally got the shot I was wanting.

Male Pheasant